Winterbloom Tour Canceled

Regretfully Winterbloom Shows Cancelled:
Every year at this time, I head to Boston, one of my happy places, for the coffee, for the bustling squares and for the love of music & song that I’ve yet to experience anywhere else. Also, I head to see my “Blooms” (Antje Duvekot, Meg Hutchinson and Natalia Zukerman). Winterbloom started out as a project put together by a friend of ours, a good idea for cross pollination. But all of us are rebels in our own ways and we don’t like doing anything for any reason other than we WANT to and out of love :) And now, we find ourselves in THAT spot each year. We’ve grown deep roots of friendship so even though we’ve branched out into so many areas including mural-making, painting, teaching, music-directing, motherhood, divinity school and much more, we now get together as Winterbloom only because we LOVE playing music together and we love celebrating the holidays in all of its forms and feelings. In short, because we LOVE each other :)
I’m so grateful to have our Winterbloom tradition to come home to each year and we are so appreciative that you continue to join us in this annual ritual.
So, I’m saddened to say (more than I can really express) that our Winterbloom Tour this weekend is cancelled (to be rescheduled). We hoped Antje would be able to sing after her throat surgery (but she can’t yet and we really want her to heal!!) and Meg has had a sudden knee injury requiring surgery this Thursday, so we are two blooms down and have chosen to reschedule instead for this March. Stay tuned for new dates (I think you’ll be able to just swap your tickets for the Club Passim shows and for the Hillary Denton Kohler house concert. Not sure about a rescheduled Winterbloom at Circle of Friends yet, but we’ll let you know either way :)
We look forward to playing songs for you & blooming again this Spring! (tee hee)
Anne Heaton (& Winterbloom)

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