Winter Recording Week (& We Made A Movie!)

Hello friends, family and music-lovers!

I recently hosted a professional recording week in Boston, MA for a select group of songwriters from all over the United States. The songs and recordings these young writers created FAR exceeded my expectations, so much so, that I was convinced to host another recording week in Chicago, IL.

Here is a movie of what we did together in August!!

I was so inspired by these young artists and I am excited for them to share their music with the world! It was a creative privilege to work with them to create and record their music!

Our next recording week will take place over winter break and it is for songwriters who want to take their music to the next level. Whether you are an aspiring artist or anyone with any dream, I hope the recording week video will be a gift of inspiration to you.

To apply for Winter Recording Week (Dec 28-Jan 3), please visit: and fill out the application
AND, please email one original song to
I’m looking forward to hearing your music!!
Enrollment is open through November 1st.
For more information, visit

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