What Brings You Joy? New Music Video from Upcoming Record!

Hi beloved friends,
I’ve missed writing to you! I’ve been working behind the scenes on my new record as well as creating this music video. I’m really happy to be sharing the song “Joy” with you now. You can watch the video, directed by Toko Shiiki, HERE

The story behind the song…
In 2016, I was grieving as I watched the news daily, saw people suffering and thought about the kind of world my girls might grow up in. I had attempted to shield them from most of the news because they were so little that it would’ve been confusing on a number of levels. In the meantime, my neighbor Susie invited me to write a song for the Women’s March, a sing-a-long for women to sing on the bus. It was coming very soon so I told her I didn’t think I could do it but the idea wouldn’t let me go. Sometimes the media machine of news is constantly provoking us so it’s easy to get in a continual state of reacting and I wanted to not be that puppet on a string. I began reflecting on my own truth outside of a state of reaction. What’s important to me? What do I care about? How do I connect with what’s important to me, to my deepest self and values? How does how I start my day affect everything else? Then I decided to go to the March because we were having a last minute concert with Natalia & Arianna Zukerman, Mona Tavakoli, Chaska Potter, Edie Carey, Sara Bush, Sara Bareilles and others. I wanted to finish it in time to play it for those women so we could bond together over music…so I did!

“Joy” was born out of my desire to reconnect with what I love, to be rooted in the essential goodness and calm that’s always there for us though sometimes it’s deep below the tumultuous waves. You can watch the video HERE

AND..I’d love to continue the conversation!! What brings YOU joy? If you’re inspired to, please share your word or sentence and I’ll gather them all to create another video with all of us! It would be a fun miracle to connect around this!

Here’s how to participate:
Please share #WhatBringsYouJoy in whatever way feels comfortable, whether it’s one word, or a full sentence. You can share in one of two ways:

1 – Email me a picture of you holding up a piece of paper with your word on it OR
2 – Email me a short video clip (up to 5 seconds, preferably less than 3) including your word or sentence for what brings you joy.

Ps3: If you know someone who might enjoy this video, please share it with them via…https://mailchi.mp/4f49a0200bb7/joyintheworld

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