Taking My (Your) Own Advice

Today I was having a little trouble writing something and I started to feel frustrated.

I had done some yoga when I woke up, look but bypassed my morning walk even though I craved one because I told myself there wasn’t enough time.

That’s where I first got off my path.

In my heart of hearts, no rx I know that time stretches and collapses according to our attitude. And that when we are in flow, we have clarity, and writing or making something new can take hardly any time at all.

I also know that in writing songs, creating any project and even in friendship, you can’t force things. Your best work or relationships come when you treat yourself well. When you feel at home in your body and simply allow.

Creating things that haven’t existed before (whether it’s a poem, a melody, a group project, or a way to heal) is much easier when we are gentle with ourselves, not mean.

So I decided to take the advice that I often give others: Go walk in a cemetery. A cemetery? Yes.

There’s a beautiful one near my house called St. Thomas sitting on a hill draped with majestic green trees and sloping down into a forest.

Being there I’m reminded we’re all just passing through this place.

And I’m more keenly aware of what parts of my life (or attitude or words) I’m willing to let go. And what parts I fiercely want to live.

I feel the peace that comes from being amongst the animals and vibrant greenery. The knowing that all we artists are ever trying to do is make something that will feel as good and be as beautiful as all those trees surrounding me.

I’m reminded that I already have access to what I’m wanting to bring forth.

Lastly, I feel the exhilaration that God, the Universe, or Mother Earth (see my post here on this word choice) is the great Artist and that we can participate in this unlimited beauty when we allow this creative force to work through us. When we walk, when we listen, when we notice, when we love.

So, I took my own advice today and walked in a cemetery. Despite my belief that I needed to hurry up, I let go instead.

Not only did I then finish what I was writing, I got the nudge to write you this little note as well :)

What advice do you like to give others? How can you take your own to have a better day today?


Ps: If you’d like to take a break and do something nice for yourself, come to our City Winery co-bill August 16th. It will be a joyful night of song, delicious foods and wine if you so choose! Tickets are available here

Ps2: For you East Coasters, I’ll also be performing July 31st at The Sinclair in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA with Melissa Ferrick. Tickets are available here

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