Songs that destroy us (+ Magic Music Monday tomorrow at 11amEST)

You know the feeling when something breaks you open and a song suddenly comes out, right from the center of your soft, loving, bold, gentle heart?

Then maybe you listen back to it and it breaks your own heart to hear it and at the same time, it sets you free.

Or, have you had the experience of hearing a song of someone else’s that’s so beautiful that you begin to cry and everything you’ve been holding just releases, all you felt that was tight and like you had to control it, you just let it go. You let it go on the waves of vibration of that melody and you whisper a thank you in your heart.

This has happened to me so many times I can’t count. I love experiencing this and always wanted to give it back to people. So I did. So I do.

The experience of release, of catharsis, of joy amidst loss, of unabashed love and knowing. The way you feel about a song that just destroys you in the best possible way.

When I hear a song that “destroys me,” what is destroyed about me is the part that’s not real anyway, my ego, my fear, my hanging on for dear life, and what is left of me after is love, my heart shining a light out, glints of light on my tears and JOY. I’ve let it all go.

Can you relate? To me, it’s similar to what Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah expresses. And it reminds me of something my songwriting friend Rick once said to me: That you know you’ve arrived as a songwriter if you’ve written a song that makes people cry.

I think that’s partially true, but it’s also true if you make people laugh, feel gratitude, excitement. All of it.

Music is the thing that gets into the cracks. And we all whisper a thank you.

If you want to join us in crafting songs that change you and change others, our Soul Songs group begins March 5th!

You can join us by enrolling HERE


Ps1: Join Natalia Zukerman & I tomorrow morning Monday, February 12th at 11amEST for Magic Music Monday! We’ll play a couple of songs, drink our morning coffee with you and see what unfolds. Feel free to mark your calendar and join us with your coffee or tea on my Facebook page HERE (you may have to “friend me” for it to work)

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