Opening of Soul Songs School ™!

I recently announced that I have some exciting news so here it is! (I’m going to be sharing my song recipes and I have an invitation for you so read on…. :) )

Some of you are music fans, some of you enjoy songwriting for enjoyment & expression and a handful of you have devoted your lives to writing and performing your own music.

Whichever group you’re in, I made something for you or someone you love. It’s the culmination of every creative threshold I’ve crossed by trusting myself and walking that path of trust. From my heart to yours, introducing Soul Songs School ™

What is it? Soul Songs School ™ is an online songwriting course designed for soul-fueled songwriters and other creative artists who want to write from that deep place while mastering their craft. Soul Songs School ™ is…

- a nurturing space for mining your creative gold

-a structured process to help songwriters create their best work!

-made out of a lot of love

Here’s how to participate: On February 4th, The Soul Songs Luminaries 6-Month Group Program begins! In it, you’ll receive online mentoring from me in a small group format, support from like-minded songwriters as well as writing & creativity exercises to support you in birthing and completing your songs!

To learn more about the program, simply email me info AT and I’ll be in touch personally. Why did I make it? With 15+ years playing classical piano, a BFA from City College of NY in voice and having been offered a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, I had plenty of musical “knowledge” but I kept my spiritual/creative self slightly hidden. I let people see the results of my creative process – the songs – but didn’t let them see into my inner world.

Even when I talked about my songs on NPR or toured with Jewel and shared from the stage where my songs came from, I didn’t always fully reveal how they came to be. I grew up somewhat cynical so I was used to explaining things using an intellectual framework. So when it came to songwriting, which was a mystical and mysterious process for me, I didn’t want to own up to my woo woo beliefs ;) so I kept them hidden.

I now realize that the best part of the journey is the real story behind how the song came to be. There was always some magical element. Like for “Megan & Kevin,” I spent the day walking the hills of New Jersey when inspiration came. With “The Prayer of Saint Francis,” the prayer kept turning up in my belongings in the most unlikely of places. It’s like the songs came looking for me. I just had to be open and willing to use my tools to shape them in the world.

Over the past few years, I’ve shared my love for the creative process and taught a lot about songwriting craft. In Soul Songs School ™, I’m taking it to a deeper level, and as I said, I’m revealing my song recipes :) – ways I enter into the space where writing magic happens! If you want to be in that magical space with me (and write your own song recipes!), I’m looking for a few beta testers to be a part of my 6-Month Group Program for Soul Song Luminaries at an introductory rate in exchange for a testimonial and your feedback on the program.

If you’re feeling the pull to be a part of our group, simply reply to this email and we can explore if it’s a good fit. I’m feeling so much excitement and anticipation about who each of you will be!

Much love, Anne

PS: In celebration of the opening of Soul Songs School ™, I’m hosting an online celebration called “Being in the Magic Space.” You’re invited and details are coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Opening of Soul Songs School ™!

  1. Greetings Anne – Congrats on your inspiring launch of Soul Songs School. I hope all good things come your way as you nurture this awesome plan. I look forward to watching SSS enrollment grow.
    All the best,

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