Love & Change

There is something about the month of May, when buds open into flowers & ice turns to water flowing speedily down the mountains that reminds me how good it can feel to change.

A woman recently shared with me that for much of her life she considered herself “the uninteresting one” in her family. She said her life felt perpetually grey until she finally opened up to her desires, decided this label didn’t apply to her and started doing what she wanted.

She walked out of her “box.”

It reminded me of the little boxes we put can sometimes ourselves in when we say things like…

“I’m no chef, but…”

“I can’t sing, but…”

“I’m not good with money, but…”

“But, I like to cook, I sing in the shower, I wish I were better with money,” etc…

Anytime we make a decision about what’s not possible for us while there are still things outside these decisions that we want, we’ve put ourselves in a box.

Sometimes we make lovely boxes for ourselves that feel just right like cozy log cabins. When we do this, we can cherish the space.

On the other hand, when we haven’t yet found our sweet spot or when our ideas about ourselves no longer serve us, we can shift.

We can find a new community, allow ourselves to be ourselves right where we are or simply take a break.

Because it’s May and like the weather, we can change :)


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