How A Starbucks Gig Led to Marriage (& Doorway Dreams)

When I was around 24, I met a young man who played blues guitar. I really liked the way he played and my dream was to ask him if he’d play songs with me. Soon after, I found out he liked Tori Amos so I grew emboldened to ask him. Would he say yes?

One day, we met up in a practice room and I played him one of my very first songs (I’m embarrassed to tell you the name of it for fear that you might look it up ;-) ) Luckily, he said yes. I had no idea that this little dream of mine was leading to a MUCH BIGGER DREAM of us cultivating a loving and joyful romantic relationship, marrying and having two beautiful daughters.

My journey with this man has been musical, mystical, ridiculously fun and full of adventure, but I never could’ve dreamed this big for myself. I just couldn’t have conceived of it.

Similarly, I also know a young woman who answered a calling she felt via an email. We first met in a songwriting workshop and she told me later that she felt I noticed and appreciated something in her work. She had an unusual song about a tree and it really struck me.

A year later, I sent out an invitation to my email list for one person to work with me one-on-one for six months (& to open for me at City Winery in Chicago). She was one of the songwriters who responded to that email.

Looking back, what unfolded next still amazes me. This woman wanted to write songs more regularly (she was relatively new to it) and increase her confidence in writing and performing.  In the end, she not only wrote a beautiful batch of songs, but she liked them so much she decided to record an EP with me producing, and then she auditioned and submitted her EP to Berklee College of Music where she was accepted and now is a full-time student!

I’m a big dreamer, but looking back, I had no idea how big the journey she was on! This particular experience really hit home because it was her step toward her smaller dream of an opening set at a club that led this woman into a whole new life that she vigorously loves.

What about you?

Have you ever had a doorway dream that led somewhere wildly amazing? If so, please feel free to share it below (We all love a good story!)

Or, likewise, is there a doorway open now that is calling to you (& you could walk through) even though you don’t know exactly where it leads?

Tell us that too if you’re willing!

Sometimes we’re badasses and we take our brave steps (and we need that now in our world possibly more than ever). Other times, we think small and don’t follow the impulses of our hearts to move toward what we want (for ourselves, for others, for the world).

Sometimes we want to know the outcome in advance.

I can be like that (insisting that I know something will work in advance). These days, however, my wild gypsy soul wants more than anything to be surprised, to NOT always know, to just BE, follow her instincts and have unstructured play time like a kid. Can you relate? BESIDES, often the truth of what’s possible for us is WAY BIGGER than we can imagine or possibly know :)

How could I have conceived of my empathic daughter Cecilia all those years ago? How could I possibly have predicted bold baby Helen?

I simply wanted this blues guitar boy to play a gig with me at Starbucks ;-)

I was thinking small, but that’s okay, because that gig at Starbucks was the doorway to everything…

What is/was your doorway dream? Feel free to share if you’re willing.

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Ps2: March 21st, Frank (aforementioned blues guitar boy ;-) ) and I play at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI! Tickets are available HERE.

5 thoughts on “How A Starbucks Gig Led to Marriage (& Doorway Dreams)

  1. In 1991, the company I worked for in NYC was bought by a Swedish company. I loved travel and fantasized about living abroad.

    Even before the opportunity was formed, the universe was speaking to me. I was asked to take in more and more things that pulled me towards fulfillment if my fantasy. As my role evolved, I became Director of the International Exchange Program, overseeing the ling and short-term visits of Swedes to our office. The effort was a success and I was invited to relocate to Stockholm for a year.

    I often refer to it with this analogy – you’re going down a dark oath in a forest, not clear on your direction. At the same time, there are neon arrows overhead that say “Go this way”, reinforcing that you’re on the right track.

    My year long adventure was a joy, lifting me above the turmoil the company was experiencing in New York. I miss Stockholm, but still have friends there from that time. My advice us to heed the messages the universe provides.

  2. My life has been overwhelming with a hallway full of doors and not knowing which one to open-and getting stuck in the hallway looking for the fire exit. But I really appreciate this story in so many levels even as I grieve for the doors that have remained unopened or locked.

    • Maya, thank you for leaving this comment and for your honesty. Thank you for mentioning grief too. I can relate to the idea of getting stuck in the hallway and I hope any doors you want to walk through, you will. I appreciate you.

  3. I’m hearing a lot of “no” right now, which to me means time for a new dream(s). Trying to be open-minded, but not sure where to head. One thing is for sure, writing and listening to music heals and soothes me.

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