How Do You Handle Change?

Our family recently moved to Milwaukee. It was a little unexpected. I felt excited about the prospect of a new adventure but super sad about leaving behind friends and the familiar. I thought to myself: Anne, you always hang on like crazy when it’s time to make a change, so why not, just this ONE time, fully EMBRACE it and jump in with two feet?

It reminded me of the Hopi Prophecy which talks about how the metaphorical river is flowing very fast right now, and how it’s easier to just GO WITH the current instead of clinging to the shore and getting all cut up on sticks and roots.

So I tried that approach with our move, and I can’t say that it made it feel any easier although I will say that it most likely shortened the discomfort/pain! 

How do YOU handle change?

Do you hang on and go slow or jump in fully? What’s your approach?

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