A Story About Purple Hair & Pumpkins

When I was little, I’d draw pictures of people with different colored hair (purple, blue, green) and I remember the specific moment it occurred to me that it wasn’t “correct” to draw them this way because people don’t actually have purple hair (well, in those days they didn’t ;) ). I felt sad and it was a turning point for me where I wondered: could I continue to draw the way I liked?

Around the same time, my mom took me to an annual pumpkin decorating contest in our town with hundreds of children. I was young enough that I didn’t really understand what it was, but they laid out art materials in front of us (glitter, foam, felt, etc.) and I picked what materials I was attracted to, zoned out and just had fun decorating my pumpkin. Later, I found out, I won the contest.

Now this email is not about “winning” a pumpkin decorating contest (and probably pumpkin decorating shouldn’t be a competition anyway), but this email is about is trusting your instincts, accessing that zone where you do things a certain way just because you love doing them that way.

Being in a magical space is such a good feeling and also an opportunity to create things we, and others, love and enjoy.

In this case, it was a pumpkin :)

With songs, there’s definitely craft, a way to do it well. By using specific tools you can write more impactful and relatable songs.

At the same time, I always encourage people to get back to that imaginative space without rules, because that’s the space from which new ideas are born! When you aren’t telling yourself you “have to” do it a certain way, pure inspiration can come through! :)

In honor of the launch of Soul Songs School ™, I’m hosting an online celebration. If you want to be in that magical space with me, please join me this Sunday at 1pmEST and I’ll show you a fun process for writing your own theme song :)

Here are the details:
“Being in the Magic Space: Rituals for Songwriters and Other Creatives, Part 1″

Sunday, December 20th 1pmEST check your timezone here
Dial in number: (425) 440-5100*
Pin code: 775307# *long distance charges may apply
Listen via live webcast

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