The Way In Virtual Creativity Camp

The Way In Virtual Creativity Camp! Starting July 15th!
I remember being 6-years old, sitting in my backyard on a summer day, leisurely drawing pictures using all the colors of the rainbow. I was hanging out with my mom and grandma just making things and I had no voice in my head questioning the “worth-while-ness” of it :)
It just felt great.

As kids we create and make and invent and we are supported to do so, but then we grow up and our creative projects often get put on hold.

This is why I made this. It’s a creation that’s been tapping me on the shoulder for a while saying: “Make me :) ” So I finally said “Okay.”

What is it?
The Way In Virtual Creativity Camp
is once a week, 1-hour rejuvenation, recalibration and creativity break for reconnecting with your creative heart & expression. Each week, for 12-weeks (July 15th to Sept 23rd), you’re invited to enter into a magical space using reflections and fun creativity exercises, all designed to uncover your deepest inspirations, bring them back into your daily life and even into your next creative project!

The Way In is a portion of what we do in Soul Songs. It’s the creativity piece and can be used in any creative modality. The Way In is a series of creativity keys for accessing our inner knowing and brilliance.

Here are just a few things people have been saying..…

“Anne’s weekly support gives you the treasure of being with your own life! She has so many ways to free us from our inner critic and allow for our souls to flow through. I longed for each new week’s inspiration and would be giddy to get notice of a new one!  – Sonia, Ann Arbor, MI

“Tapping into my creativity, learning to listen to it, and giving myself space to be creative were all big benefits of working with Anne who is extremely positive, encouraging and the ideal mentor!” – Darlington, London, England

“As a working mom, life is so busy, it’s like survival mode. Similar to the Artist’s Way and morning pages, Anne’s questions and prompts led me to realize some amazing things. I was able to clear out the clutter in my head and get back to my creative self! – Stephanie, Chicago, IL

“I was having major writer’s block and I needed outside intervention! The weekly activities, structure and outside support were all VERY helpful for getting me working again and I appreciated Anne’s gentle, fun, low pressure but very supportive style. – Eliza, Bison, South Dakota

Consider this your personal invite for a way to play in summer, to feel good, to reconnect with yourself and if you like, explore creative content for a future book, project, song or painting!

Who is it for?
Any and all creative souls longing to connect to their authentic selves & artistic spark more regularly!

During our time, you’ll be free to:
- Identify your desires for the upcoming week
- Enjoy the playtime and the chance to just BE :)
- Explore your creative content for an upcoming creative project you’ve been meaning to begin, such as a book, painting, blog or song.

Cost for the 12-Weeks is $250. You can enroll below:

We begin Friday July 15th and meet every Friday through Sept 23rd. For the first 3 Fridays (July 15th, 22nd, and 29th) we’ll meet at 12:30pmEST. For the remaining Fridays, we’ll meet at 11amEST.

You can join the call live or you can listen to the replay anytime that’s convenient for you.

I can’t wait to meet you! :)

Much love,