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Praise for Honeycomb
“One of the Top 31 albums of 2012″ – Mike Mettler, Sound + Vision
“The recording is so good.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Anne Heaton.” – Richard Milne, WXRT
“The latest addition to her catalog of sophisticated folk-pop” – Boston Globe
“Her most eccentric work yet” – Boston Phoenix
“Fans of lyrically deep keyboard-based songs will enjoy this album.” – Biloxi Sun-Herald
“Piano-centric folk tunes with soulful lyrics and earthy vocals” – Entertainment Realm

“…a blend of soft pop, smooth blues, and porch folk, singer-songwriter Anne Heaton… lets her individuality show. Honeycomb crisscrosses genres into a pleasing hybrid.” – Hybrid Magazine

“Folk-leaning singer-songwriters Anne Heaton makes music that has a timeless feel. …Heaton [has] a place on my iPod.” – McKeesport Daily News

“With her joyous spirit, warm voice and spacious piano playing Anne is known for the infectious energy of her live performances. …her songs do not disappoint.” –

Critcs say:
“Stunning” – PASTE
“Absolutely gorgeous” – New York Times Music Podcast
“Lush, introspective, elegant” – Boston Globe
“Astute and sometimes wry, her songs unfold like tiny maps of the human condition.” – Chicago Sun Times
“Strong, emotive and slightly haunted” –Boston Herald
“Superb” – Performing Songwriter Magazine
“Tender, barbed and spiritual”- Washington Post
“Thoughtful, emotionally intense” – Sound & Vision
“[Heaton's] compelling piano melodies and clearly articulated phrasing remind me of Carole King” – Naomi Arenberg, “Folk on WGBHNPR

Praise for Blazing Red
“Here’s a singer-songwriter that allows herself to be ordinary at the same time she’s unafraid to find extraordinary moments. This is real life as plain chamber drama, the most familiar and yet still deep movements of our pathos rendered into gorgeous song.” – Chet Betz,

“Her latest in a series of superb, self-released albums, Blazing Red finds Boston-bred Anne Heaton offering a set of low-lit ballads that ring with a plaintive pull. With keyboards her primary focus, comparisons to Tori Amos and Fiona Apple become inevitable, but unlike her peers, Heaton’s expressions of dreams and desire never fall prey to self-pity or helpless circumstance, maintaining a focus on optimism.” – Performing Songwriter Magazine

“What a gorgeous, supple voice [Heaton's] is” – Brett Milano,