Video #3, tour dates, and a belated Valentine’s Day wish

Hello there folks!

The new album Dora is now out on iTunes and also available at Amazon. I’d love to share this new music with you so if you’d like to pick up a copy, go here!

I started writing this on Valentine’s Day but then all the hullabaloo with the weather happened while I was on the road. I came home for a quick stop, was off to Seattle, and now somehow it’s already March 11th and I’m finally getting to send you some love and appreciation. :) Thank you to all who came out to the Winter shows especially during the blizzards  – you rock! Touring with a baby in tow is both fun and an interesting challenge so thanks to all who helped make it feel joyful to be sharing these songs! :)

The City Winery Show in New York City has been rescheduled for April 6th (coming up!), and I’ll be playing at the City Winery in Chicago TONIGHT (March 11th) opening for Mike Doughty. (Wow!  Remember that song “27 Jennifers”?) All details are below!


“Dora” lyrics – “Chink of Light”

Anne’s manager Krista here. We come to the end of the Dora lyrics/poems today… I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all of Claire Clubes’s gorgeous words! Here’s the final song, written for her daughter Bess,  “Chink of Light.”

Chink of Light

You cracked me open
A chink of light
And I stayed that way
I used to watch you sleep
You’d talk out loud in your dreams

And I hoped
Time would go slow
So I’d remember everything

I was afraid I wouldn’t get it right
And often I didn’t get it right
We used to play in the garden
And you’d wear your fairy wings

And I hoped
Time would go slow
So I’d remember
Foolishness first
Wisdom next
The daily path never ends
Just like my love for you

They way you were it was set
You watched close and were loyal to the end
My shy little girl who’d line up her shoes
Is her own woman now

And I hope
Time will go slow
So you’ll remember everything

Every miraculous moment
Every hard mistake
Called by the Kraals in the Valley
May we be fearless ‘til our last days

I hope time will go slow
So you’ll remember
I hope time will go slow
So we’ll remember
Foolishness first
Wisdom next
The daily path never ends
Just like my love for you

“Dora” review from

What a nice review for the “Dora” album from!

Anne Heaton & Claire Clube – Dora

Spill, tadalafil 2014

Folk-pop songstress Heaton puts music to the poetry of Clube on this collaborative effort that was sadly finished after Clube unexpectedly passed away. The pair bonded over motherhood and divorce strife, and here Heaton pens an elegant, sophisticated album that mixes jazz, blues, classical and pop sensibilities built largely around the piano. A lush, timeless tribute.

What a nice “Dora” album review!

Wow! Talk about a great way to celebrate the release date for “Dora.” What a lovely review from! Thank you!

You can read the full review here:

Some of my favorite quotes:

“When listening to the piano-based pop music she constructed for Clube’s words, the chemistry between them is apparent. It sounds like they’ve known each other for a lifetime.”

“[Heaton's] voice is a wondrous thing, gently delivering Clube’s lyrics with a breathy intimacy and a lovely trill.”

“Can a single album be a fitting tribute to a person’s life? Maybe not, but Dora is a beautiful place to start.”

Boston Globe

Awww… James Reed at the Boston Globe gave Anne’s show Saturday at Club Passim a great show pick, calling her new album with Claire “meditative (and staggering)”! Thanks for the kind words, James!

ANNE HEATON This onetime Somerville resident, before we lost her to Chicago, is in a nostalgic state of mind. She comes home for a show that celebrates where she’s been and where’s headed. Heaton will debut “Dora,” her meditative (and staggering) new album she made with the late poet Claire Clube, while playing songs from across her catalog, dating back to 2002’s “Black Notebook.” Feb. 15, 7 p.m. Tickets: $20. Club Passim, Cambridge. 617-492-7679