Creative Happy You Songwriting Circle

Hi friends!
I’d like to invite you to participate in “The Creative Happy You” Online Songwriting Circle! Our theme this time is Writing Songs You Truly Love! and we begin on Monday, March 30th!

The upcoming class is for anyone ages 16-90+, is 6-weeks long and is a forum for songwriters to share what they are working on and receive encouraging feedback!

We will meet Mondays evenings March 30th, April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and May 4th. Cost is $360. If you already know you want to participate, you can enroll here:

What we will be covering in this class:
Each week will have a lesson and a songwriting assignment. Topics covered will be melody, lyrics, harmony and writing your own theme song :) You are free to do these exercises in order to create new material. You are also free to bring songs you are already working on to our online class.

How do we meet up online?
We meet weekly in Google Hangouts (it’s like Skype) but with better sound! It’s easy.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with all the details.

What if I can’t do all the dates?
All of the Google Hangouts will be recorded so if you miss one, you can watch it at a time that is convenient for you.

What if I am a beginner?
All are welcome in this class! If you have tried writing songs in the past and can sing a melody, you’ll be fine. The individual exercises are designed to meet you where you are so the class assignments are appropriate for both beginner and more advanced songwriters.

Why am I doing this?
In a meditation last month, I had the inspiration to host this online songwriting circle one last time. I’m in the process of creating something super special that will include videos and audios that songwriters can use at their own pace, but it won’t involve me teaching live weekly. This is the last time I will be offering this group with weekly attention from me.  If you think you’d benefit from personal one-on-one feedback on your songs, now’s the time because I won’t be offering it again in this way.

Why should you trust me with your creative process & songs? ;) :
Good question. Well mostly because I’ve learned what I know by writing songs for many years, sometimes super quickly (on an airplane ride), sometimes very very slowly and painfully over time, oh the creative process! ;) ) and then performing them for thousands of people over the last 13 years! Sometimes the key to unlocking a song is asking the right question. I’m also a songwriting teacher & mentor at Berklee College of Music, Interlochen Camp for the Arts and GRAMMYCamp. You can listen to my music here.

How much does it cost?
The Creative Happy You Online Songwriting Circle costs $360. To enroll, simply click here:

What else?
Besides writing my own songs and stories, what I feel most passionate about is helping people write songs they truly LOVE! I love connecting with songwriters about finding just the right word or the most beautiful melody line to express their message. I absolutely love it! Finding the heart of the matter is SO fun to me and I’d love to be your guide as you write your best/most heartfelt songs!

How do I know if this class is right for me?:
If you primarily want to learn about rhyme schemes, then this class is probably not for you (even though I don’t mind touching on rhyme briefly if it comes up for you in your personal songwriting). Also, if you don’t care about what your writing about, then this class is probably not for you either. HOWEVER, if you want your songs to be beautiful and compelling. If you want to tell your story so that other people “get it” / are moved by it.  If you want to find your message and convey it so that your song feels true to you every time you sing it and affects your listener, this class will benefit you!

Here’s what other songwriters have said about the “Creative Happy You” Online Songwriting Circle…

“What I most enjoyed was talking to other songwriters across the country and hearing their diverse lyrics, sounds, and voices. It reminded me that songwriting is something I love to do.” – Alice

“The emailed lessons helped a lot. Having something to sit down and read during my own time was really beneficial for me!” – Leah

“I liked it when I asked questions regarding the music of my songs and people went to their instruments to play along!” – Meaghan

“Anne, you’re so wonderful for wanting to distribute your knowledge on songwriting/expose us to people and opportunities we wouldn’t have known about before participating in Songwriting Circle! It’s really encouraging to know that there are artists in the world who want to collaborate and grow with other artists as opposed to compete with them/shut them down. What you do is a perfect example of what I believe the art world should truly be about. Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge, and kindness with us, it’s always very much appreciated!” – Leah G.

To enroll in The Creative Happy You Online Songwriting Circle, click here:

I’m excited to hear your songs :)