New release coming!

Welcome to the new website! I wanted it to feel like a sanctuary of words, a healing and fun place to hang out! I hope you enjoy the new design, the fun hidden and not-so-hidden things. Check out the tour dates, photo gallery and video page. Click on the sun, the stars, and my heart!  ;-)

It’s still a work in progress, so we welcome your feedback.

The new record is on its way! Thank you for your patience, especially the preorder folks who made it possible, in part, for this record to be made.

You are modern day patrons of the arts! The record was made with Gary Maurer of HEM and I am so proud of it. I hope you will enjoy it. You can listen to a few samples on the website radio (below).

The street date for the new record is at the end of September which means it will probably be mailed to preorder folks in July. Glitches in duplication and other things can happen so dates may change, but this is the current target date range.

Enjoy your Summer.
Peace and love,

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