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I very excitedly purchased all of my family’s holiday gifts last weekend. I can’t say what I got them of course (although it might be a fun way to see if they read these posts), but suffice to say that they are individualized “things” handcrafted by my friend and amazing potter, Joanna Kramer ( that are related to coffee and tea. It was so fun to hold each one in my hand and try to figure out which design and feel would be best for each person.

I’m hoping in a way I can be with them (even when I’m not) for their quiet time or their getting caffeinated/motivated time for years to come. :)

**Holiday CD special!**

Any of my CDs ordered by December 17th can be gift wrapped and mailed to you or your recipient. The brand new Dora album is available for purchase as well as any of the older CDs (including Honeycomb, Blazing Red, Give In, I Know This and Black Notebook).

OR you can receive the CD special of 4 CDs for only $50… (what? really? ;-) ) by clicking the link below! All CDs will be shipped out by December 18th.

**Concert Tickets as a Gift!**

Also, if you’d like to give the gift of an activity, a romantic date or friend outing, consider getting tickets to my EvanstonSPACE show on January 16th or Post-Valentine’s Day Club Passim Show on February 15th. That way you can go too! Also, to be perfectly honest, it’s a gift to me too because when people buy their tickets in advance, I relax and wholly focus on the music we’re making for the show instead of running around putting up posters. ;-) (We are a small operation here at Anne Heaton, Inc. ;-) )

Happy belated Hanukkah, Merry Christmas upcoming and Happy Holidays in general.

Love love love to you!


PS: I have to admit I love when plans get changed! As a kid I used to love it when my piano lesson would be canceled at the last minute (not in advance, but once I already showed up). Suddenly I had a free hour! This morning I was supposed to get on a plane from Boston to Chicago but because of the weather, I am still here, at a lovely coffee shop called The Diesel, and so with my new hour, I’m writing to you. Feel free to write back if you’re held up by the weather too. Do you enjoy it kind of or not?

Buy the DORA Album:

Buy the HONEYCOMB Album:

Buy the BLAZING RED Album:

OR BUY ANY 4 CDS for only $50 (just specify which you’d like…Can include Black Notebook, Give In, I Know This, Blazing Red, Honeycomb and/or Dora)

If you have any trouble with the links, simply send $20 for one CD or $50 for 4 via PayPal to buy(at)anneheaton(dot)com. Thanks!

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