Love Light Uplift: Soul Songs Luminaries 6-Month Master Level Program

Calling all soulful songwriters yearning to birth your project into the world in the most inspired, joyful, and connected way.

If you’re like me, you have a rich creative life inside you…

Perhaps you’ve written songs in fits and starts but haven’t always finished them, yet you know the joy you’d experience if you brought your music into being.

Or maybe you’ve completed albums in the past, but now that life is busier and has more obligations, you feel like you could use more support getting your songs out there.

Perhaps you’re proud of what you’ve created in the past, but know there’s so much more potential for magic in your songwriting.

I can relate…
As a young adult, I deeply longed to express myself through music and words. I suffered from depression, lived in an environment where feelings were not freely expressed and even though I played classical piano and sang in a cover band, I was unable to express my own inner world through them.

One night after coming home from a Tori Amos concert, I remember laying on my bed, sobbing because I had such a deep desire to write songs (and I knew I was meant to!) but I wasn’t doing it yet.

I was terrified that I wouldn’t be good at songwriting. I also feared how vulnerable I’d be in sharing my heart. Finally, I just decided to start.

Once I did, amazing events unfolded: I traveled to beautiful places to perform my songs, I toured with Jewel, shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan, released 6 albums of my own, had my music featured on NPR, The New York Times Music Podcast and in US Weekly and most importantly, I found my voice!

And the best part was seeing thousands of people singing along to my lyrics, knowing my music was bringing them joy and comfort.

In time, however, I noticed something was off. Amidst the outward success and doing my art in the world, I found I was putting conditions on myself and my art.

I toured relentlessly, stopped nurturing my home life and put my happiness on hold for some elusive “break.”

What I learned through that experience is that creative fulfillment is just as much about living a vibrant and happy life today as it is about bringing your art into the world. I now know that making music AND having a nourishing, rich life experience go hand-in-hand.

Today, I hold both spaces dear – home and creativity – and I know in my heart that they feed each other. Through nurturing myself, I’m a better mom and partner, and I’m a better friend to myself. I experience the magic that creativity brings – not just to my artistic projects, but to my whole life.

If you’re like me, you might feel something like this:

·      You long to create something – - but you lack the daily inspiration or support to keep moving forward.

·      You feel like there isn’t enough time and yet when you have time, you often procrastinate.

·      Your confidence fluctuates, and when it’s lacking, it’s hard to regain because you work in isolation.

·      You yearn for community and know deep down you would feel happier immersing yourself in your songwriting and creativity AND doing that in a group of passionate, like-minded people.

You’re not alone – I’ve experienced all of these emotions and what I’ve learned is that…

Thinking about a songwriting project, but not taking inspired action to bring it into being, erodes your trust in yourself.

At the same time, forcing songs into being doesn’t feel good, and often doesn’t yield the best result, or the highest vibrating music or message.

Being creative is an act of surrender. When you’re open, you become a channel for the creation of beautiful things.

That’s why I designed this program for you.

Because giving yourself sacred time and space for your dreams to unfold feeds your Soul (& when you feed your Soul, there’s no limit to what you can do!)

Allowing other creative souls to be mirrors for you and your art is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Entering on a path of transformation with others invites miracles to happen!

Details of Program:
6-Month “Love, Light, Uplift” Master Level Program for Soul Song Luminaries.

  • Uncover Your Unique Songwriting Genius, Know Your Magnificent Self, Develop Your Songwriting Mastery & Bring Your Soul Songs into Being!

  • Develop Your Songwriting Toolbox with lessons on Melody, Harmony, Storytelling, Song Structure, Lyric-Writing and more!

-Two 90-Minute Sessions per month over Google Hangouts where you’ll share your songs and your new ideas & breakthroughs from the weekly Creativity & Writing Exercises.

-One 1-hour session per month in which we’ll talk about practical next steps for Moving Your Project Forward.

- One one-on-one 60-minute session with me during the 6-month Program

- 5-Day Creativity & Rejuvenation Retreat in Costa Rica where we will recharge our batteries, luxuriate in creative discovery & self-care with organic meals, optional yoga, beach and jungle opportunities.** *Retreat not available for the introductory rate.

- Lifetime access to the Soul Songs School Curriculum including lessons on Melody, Harmony, Storytelling, Lyric-Writing and Creativity Exercises.

- Weekly Inspiring Creativity Assignments with audios and other materials

- Interactive learning space to comment and engage with other participants

- Daily practices to incorporate into your life so you’re songs come more easily

- Private Facebook Group for connecting with other like-minded creative songwriters

What to expect on a practical level:
As you commit yourself fully to the creativity and songwriting exercises, you’ll start to feel more intimate with yourself and your best songwriting ideas will bubble to the surface, you will take action on your ideas, and start to form them in the world.

If you’re like me, you may have noticed that when you’re in a state of creative flow and in community with others, the struggle to make/create/draw/write can simply disappear. You just KNOW what to do next, and you do it.

Maybe you take a walk in the woods and suddenly you have an insight. Then the whole song flows (or a big part of it comes) all at once.

Ultimately, it is up to you to birth your songwriting project and take responsibility for its completion. During our time together and in this sacred space, you will be given all the support and creative tools you will need for the journey.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have to work on it or be in process. It just means there isn’t so much struggle. It’s more like a dance! :)

The result of which is your songwriting project comes to completion, but in a way that is aligned, surrendered and flowing. Oftentimes, something even better than you could have imagined comes through you!

The introductory cost for the program is $3500. You can pay all at once or using a payment plan of 6 monthly payments of $625.

I’m already a songwriter with several albums. Is this for me?
Yes! You’ll be connecting with other songwriters and in a writing flow. Since you’ve written before, you’ll enter easily into the writing exercises, but you’ll have the added benefit of  exploring your creativity in a group of like-minded creative people. You’ll identify your strengths, unlock your unique gifts and allow any blocks or resistance to surface and dissolve, freeing up space and time for your best, most masterful, songs to emerge.

I’m not a songwriter yet. I’m musical and I’m a writer, will this be right for me?
If you are musical and have been writing in other forms for some time, you are welcome to join us! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand in this format and while you may be scared, you don’t want to literally die with your songs inside you. The Soul Songs School structured process will lead you through writing your first songs.

You dream of opportunities for connection and adventure and know that exploring your creativity (in a nurturing way) and becoming more fully who you are will bring more joy into your life

What it includes…

·      The Key to Finishing Projects

·      The Key to Unlocking Your Creativity and Expression

·      When Life Is Busy

·      The Key to Peace and Happiness In Your Daily Creative Practice

·      The Key to Fulfillment as an Artist


You will finish your project or be well on your way with the feedback and fine-tuning you do with the group. You will likely find it to be a much better, more relevant, more beautiful, more loving, more impactful and more YOU project. You will feel more inspired while making it by having the connection with these other creative souls and by them having your back :)



You dream of opportunities for connection and adventure and know that exploring your creativity (in a nurturing way) and becoming more fully who you are will bring more joy into your life