Welcome to the Anne Heaton musical community! We invite your support of the music Anne is making.

Many orchestras and theater companies have regular supporters that help create and bring to the public the highest quality of music and art. In the pop-folk singer-songwriter genre, a lot goes into recording albums and traveling to bring live music to audiences. Your donation can go toward the recording of one of Anne’s records, toward paying musicians, toward artwork, toward travel and/or toward the manufacturing of one of Anne’s CDs.

Anne is dedicated to making beautiful music and to telling stories. “Storytelling is one of my callings,” says Heaton. “I like to write stories of ordinary people that reveal a truth, inspire, or make people laugh. I love to write about the extraordinary (within the ordinary) moments of peoples’ lives in song.”

Your monetary gift will have an impact on people by helping to create and share music and that might not otherwise be made. Feel free to specify any special projects you wish to specifically support and feel free to contact us with any ideas you have for assisting or supporting Anne in her creative endeavors.

Contact Anne at info AT with questions or comments.

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In addition, Anne is involved in charities that support young people and she likes to donate a percentage of the proceeds from her touring. Feel free to directly support any of these organizations:

Fundación Niños de los Andes

Fundación Niños de los Andes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, protection and rehabilitation of street children in Bogota, Colombia (and other towns throughout the country). This organization helps children, who have lived in violent and insecure conditions, to recuperate psychologically, physically and spiritually and to reintegrate into society. Anne met many of these street children in 2008 when she visited the Fundación and had an opportunity to hear their stories and learn about their lives. To create awareness, Anne turned some of these stories into songs. (This project is coming in 2014.)

Ti KAY Haiti

Ti Kay Haiti is an organization that provides free, high quality medical care to Tuberculosis and HIV patients in Haiti.

Ti Kay Haiti was started by Dr. Megan Coffee of Maplewood, N.J., who was one of the few foreign doctors to stay on many, many months after the earthquake, establishing a TB ward at the university hospital in Port-au-Prince. She regularly tweets about her experiences here @DokteCoffee

According to Ms. Wilentz in a NY Times article: “Dr. Coffee is the ideal foreign-aid delivery figure. She’s creative; she’s responsive. She lets Haiti teach her how to deal with Haiti.” She figures out how to pay for what the hospital won’t pay for, runs out to grocery stores to buy peanut butter for her patients, and gives them spaghetti with Russian dressing in the morning. “Because she offers targeted help on an individual basis with no cash or material exchange,” Ms. Wilentz goes on, “there’s almost no room in her enterprise for the kind of maneuvering, corruption, or profit-seeking that has been the ruin of so many larger, more carefully planned outsider projects in Haiti.”