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Singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist Anne Heaton has amassed awards and praise from critics, fellow artists and fans with her songs that are by turns “tender, barbed and spiritual” (Washington Post). “A natural performer [with] a rich, soaring voice” (Seattle Times), her graceful, vulnerable, and sometimes humorous pop-folk songs have captured audience imaginations for over a decade.

Heaton released her newest studio album, Honeycomb, on October 16, 2012. The epiphanic album is dynamically organized into two uplifting moods—euphoric and meditative—with the theme of impermanence uniting both. Overall, it’s wonderfully reminiscent of the days of vinyl, when Side A and Side B each had a distinct feel that, when played in succession, took the listener on an inner journey. Anne Heaton’s fourth album is the critically acclaimed artist’s most unique and affecting album to date.

On the heels of her most recent album, Honeycomb, on February 14, 2014, Anne Heaton will release Dora, a collaborative album of poems-turned-songs with poet Claire Clube. These poem-songs—visceral, ethereal, and set to a mix of singer-songwriter pop, classical and jazz/blues—explore a woman’s relationships with her world and the emotions of divorce. Tragically, in summer 2013, not long after adopting a young child in Kenya and just before this album was to be released, poet and collaborator Clube died in a plane crash with her daughter, Bess. “I know she wanted to share these songs with people, and she was a person who lived her life so fully and fearlessly that’s what I’ll take with me,” says Heaton, who makes her producing debut with the album.

Heaton studied at the University of Notre Dame, writing her senior thesis on Debussy’s piano works, and then enriched her musical training by studying composition and jazz vocals at The City College of New York. Always a fan of Peter Gabriel, the Indigo Girls, and Tori Amos, she also became fascinated by early American spirituals while living in New York and sang in a Harlem gospel choir.

Heaton has:

- played the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair (2010), and in 2012, she was invited to perform on The Cayamo Cruise as part of Winterbloom (featuring Antje Duvekot, Meg Hutchinson and Natalia Zukerman) with artists such as Keb ‘Mo and The Civil Wars.

- been a featured artist on the New York Times Music Podcast and has played numerous times on NPR.

- shared the stage with some of her favorite artists, including Sarah McLachlan, jazz drummer Max Roach, Melissa Ferrick, HEM, Chris Trapper, Jill Sobule, Jonatha Brooke, Tom Paxton, Willy Porton, and Griffin House.

- won Soul City Cafe (2005), a national competition of live performances and online voting to choose Jewel’s opener for her West Coast Tour.

- toured throughout the US since 2001 playing acoustic venues, outdoor theaters, rock clubs, and festivals.

- had her songs featured on Starbucks in-store playlists around the world.


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