Review “Blazing Red” and upcoming tour dates

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CD PREVIEW TOUR (Visit Tour Dates for full schedule)
9/26 Boston, sales MA
10/4 Easthampton, MA
10/5 Hamden, CT
10/11 Philly, PA
10/15 NYC, NY
11/1 Plymouth, MA
11/13 Grand Rapids, MI
11/14 Madison, WI
11/15 Milwaukee, WI
11/16 Evanston, IL
11/21 St. Paul, MN
11/29 Portland, ME

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

I was selected to play the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival showcase next Friday, July 25th. Come cheer me on if you’re there. I’ll also be playing at The Michigan Womyn’s Festival with Ellis in August. The new album, Blazing Red, will be mailed out to preorder folks the final week of July and then be released at the first CD Release party on September 26th @ Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. The new CD will not be available prior to that EXCEPT at the two above mentioned festivals (Falcon Ridge and Michigan). Have a beautiful day!