Creativity Tip Video, Summer Shows & Into Wellness!

Hi beautiful friends,

I hope you had a wonderful month of May! I meant to post this last month in honor of Mental Wellness Month” but as we moved to San Francisco, things were a little tumultuous to say the least ;)

These days, I LOVE the month of May but it wasn’t always that way. For years, I used to get extremely depressed in May. Biochemically it was not a good month for me. I would feel ungrounded, depressed and sometimes like I couldn’t even move. In fact, in May 2005, I could not stop crying for more than a few hours at a time so I went to a psychiatrist who asked me how many good days I had out of 7. My answer was 1 (or 3 days at the most). He seemed to think that was not very many good days. I, on the other hand, was quite accustomed to it, but agreed it would be better to have more good days.

The song “The Alchemist” is actually based, in part, on how I found my way out of this state (I was open to and pursued every avenue: a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a healer, praying in empty Catholic churches ;-) and starting my meditation practice). And, as always, I used creativity and songwriting as a tool to keep myself afloat.

I am VERY glad to say that some combination of these things worked and for many years now all my days are good (7 out of 7). Even when I’m sad or experiencing unpleasant emotions, my days are still are all good days. And much of my experience during that time turned into the album that is Blazing Red. And now, songwriting and creativity is more of a humorous and thriving practice for me instead of a survival one. For that, I am grateful. So, in honor of mental wellness this May (even though I’m late and posting it in June ;) Lol), I just want to put it out there that even though (from what I can tell), most of the people on this email list seem quite happy, just in case even one of you is not, you never know how you’ll feel 6 months or a year from now so it’s totally worth taking any steps on behalf of your own happiness that occur to you! Don’t wait! :)

Wishing you beautiful, joyous and spectacular days!

Ps: This week, I’m playing shows in Ann Arbor, Indianapolis and Cambridge. In July, San Francisco and in August, Minneapolis. I would LOVE to see you at a show! All the details are here:

Ps2: Please enjoy this Creativity Tip video! I DO love these specific tips(!) although the video makes me laugh a little at myself because I’m speaking so quietly because it’s 6:30am and I haven’t had my coffee yet!  Ha ha.

what’s your musical fantasy? light reading & video #4

for those of you who are scanners, here’s what in this post: baby helen, songwriting tips, what’s your musical fantasy? & tour dates (city winery show in nyc this sunday!).

Hi everybody,
I had a good laugh this morning. As I went to lift baby Helen out of her crib, I noticed she was thumbing through J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye.” Now she’s 1-year old and doesn’t read, but the way she was quietly and slowly looking at the pages made it seem like she was reading. Then I found “Profiles in Courage” in the corner of her bed and I thought: Wow, she’s really got this whole other life she’s living early in the morning before I even wake up ;-)

Profiles in Courage

Speaking of waking early, I’ve been having a harder time doing it lately. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, but I have felt so in need of sleep (one of my favorite pastimes!). On the days when I do get up early before anyone else (to write, think, pray, or some combination of all three) I am quite happy. Coffee helps A LOT. And getting through that initial resistance to moving is a great relief especially when I can sit quietly and write something.

Speaking of writing, I’m starting a Songwriting Tips Series on my YouTube Channel for young songwriters (or anyone who writes!). My welcome video is here (and there are a few tips up there as well) so please subscribe to my channel if this is of interest to you :)

Lastly, and most importantly, I really want to know who you are!! I found myself thinking last week that there are probably some people on my email list who signed up years ago when I was still playing open mikes at The Dark Star Lounge in NYC ;) ; some of you I just met last week at City Winery, so here’s what I’d love to know…

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? I’d like to keep my posts relevant to you so, feel free to introduce yourself. Like maybe what are your three favorite things? What’s going great in your life? What’s a frustration? Or what’s a big dream of yours? What would you be willing to do to make it happen?

And here’s something I posted on Facebook lately…

What is one musical or artistic thing you would most like me to give you? (Think as big as you like, i.e. spend a week with me in Paris writing songs for your loved ones/Serenading you at your graduation…)

What is one non-musical/artistic thing you’d like? (i.e. me to give you a guide to all my favorite coffee shops in the US, make you a strawberry banana smoothie) no but seriously…….Please write to me or share in the comments below…

Have a great day!
All the tour dates are here:
Xoxo, Anne

(Upcoming dates in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Grand Haven, MI, Cambridge, MA and New York City: City Winery show this Sunday April 6th with Melissa Ferrick!)

Happy New Year and a new song!

Happy belated New Year and here’s a new song that may be called “Sunday Nights” or it may be called “Dream Big.” Either way, may you dream big (if you want to) in 2014 and then have fun taking all the little steps along the way! Hope to see you somewhere out there in our beautiful country.

This weekend, I’m playing in Alexandria, VA, and next Thursday we play at EvanstonSPACE, followed by two shows in Michigan that weekend (one at The Ark in Ann Arbor). Not so far ahead, in February, I’ll be playing two shows at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. One is a CD Release Show for the new album, Dora, (oh I’m so looking forward to sharing this new music with you, truly, you don’t EVEN know), and the other is a show celebrating the album release anniversaries (10 and 12 years!) of Black Notebook and Give In, so bring all your old school requests! This is seriously old school. ;) (Seriously.) Other shows are upcoming in NYC, NJ, and Maine.

Please NOTE: The Seattle show on February 8th has been rescheduled for Friday, February 21st. All tour dates are here:

I wanted to write that bit about dreaming big and the follow up steps because well, I’ll admit it, I’m often one of those people who has an idea (or a few at once) and then five minutes later, I’ll say to myself, “Anne, you thought of this five minutes ago, if you didn’t already make it happen BY NOW, obviously you never will.” It’s kind of a mean mentality. But when I can witness it with a little space, it’s actually pretty funny. This is why I like to say that I prefer when the Universe keeps me on ANTKBO (A Need To Know Basis Only) in terms of next steps. That’s a weird looking acronym but I think I could still get into it. ;) May you have a great 2014 and a beautiful day!

Gifts & weather

I very excitedly purchased all of my family’s holiday gifts last weekend. I can’t say what I got them of course (although it might be a fun way to see if they read these posts), but suffice to say that they are individualized “things” handcrafted by my friend and amazing potter, Joanna Kramer ( that are related to coffee and tea. It was so fun to hold each one in my hand and try to figure out which design and feel would be best for each person.

I’m hoping in a way I can be with them (even when I’m not) for their quiet time or their getting caffeinated/motivated time for years to come. :)

**Holiday CD special!**

Any of my CDs ordered by December 17th can be gift wrapped and mailed to you or your recipient. The brand new Dora album is available for purchase as well as any of the older CDs (including Honeycomb, Blazing Red, Give In, I Know This and Black Notebook).

OR you can receive the CD special of 4 CDs for only $50… (what? really? ;-) ) by clicking the link below! All CDs will be shipped out by December 18th.

**Concert Tickets as a Gift!**

Also, if you’d like to give the gift of an activity, a romantic date or friend outing, consider getting tickets to my EvanstonSPACE show on January 16th or Post-Valentine’s Day Club Passim Show on February 15th. That way you can go too! Also, to be perfectly honest, it’s a gift to me too because when people buy their tickets in advance, I relax and wholly focus on the music we’re making for the show instead of running around putting up posters. ;-) (We are a small operation here at Anne Heaton, Inc. ;-) )

Happy belated Hanukkah, Merry Christmas upcoming and Happy Holidays in general.

Love love love to you!


PS: I have to admit I love when plans get changed! As a kid I used to love it when my piano lesson would be canceled at the last minute (not in advance, but once I already showed up). Suddenly I had a free hour! This morning I was supposed to get on a plane from Boston to Chicago but because of the weather, I am still here, at a lovely coffee shop called The Diesel, and so with my new hour, I’m writing to you. Feel free to write back if you’re held up by the weather too. Do you enjoy it kind of or not?

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