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Review “Blazing Red” and upcoming tour dates

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CD PREVIEW TOUR (Visit Tour Dates for full schedule)
9/26 Boston, sales MA
10/4 Easthampton, MA
10/5 Hamden, CT
10/11 Philly, PA
10/15 NYC, NY
11/1 Plymouth, MA
11/13 Grand Rapids, MI
11/14 Madison, WI
11/15 Milwaukee, WI
11/16 Evanston, IL
11/21 St. Paul, MN
11/29 Portland, ME

“Blazing Red” album and preview tour

Starting September 26th 2008, “Blazing Red” will be available for purchase at all live shows! I’m more proud of this record than any I’ve ever written, made or recorded and I’m even proud of the packaging (it’s all environmental! ;-) )

Here’s the scoop… the new record will be released in 2 stages….
1 – - Starting Sept 26th, BLAZING RED will be available at all live shows and for digital download EXCLUSIVELY through

2 Р-  On March 3rd 2009, BLAZING RED will come out in retail stores everywhere and online stores including iTunes, CD Baby and others.

Check out the tour page for Fall and Winter dates! Also, there are many more Midwest and West Coast dates to come! xoxo, Anne