Video #3, tour dates, and a belated Valentine’s Day wish

Hello there folks!

The new album Dora is now out on iTunes and also available at Amazon. I’d love to share this new music with you so if you’d like to pick up a copy, go here!

I started writing this on Valentine’s Day but then all the hullabaloo with the weather happened while I was on the road. I came home for a quick stop, was off to Seattle, and now somehow it’s already March 11th and I’m finally getting to send you some love and appreciation. :) Thank you to all who came out to the Winter shows especially during the blizzards  – you rock! Touring with a baby in tow is both fun and an interesting challenge so thanks to all who helped make it feel joyful to be sharing these songs! :)

The City Winery Show in New York City has been rescheduled for April 6th (coming up!), and I’ll be playing at the City Winery in Chicago TONIGHT (March 11th) opening for Mike Doughty. (Wow!  Remember that song “27 Jennifers”?) All details are below!


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