Happy New Year and a new song!

Happy belated New Year and here’s a new song that may be called “Sunday Nights” or it may be called “Dream Big.” Either way, may you dream big (if you want to) in 2014 and then have fun taking all the little steps along the way! Hope to see you somewhere out there in our beautiful country.

This weekend, I’m playing in Alexandria, VA, and next Thursday we play at EvanstonSPACE, followed by two shows in Michigan that weekend (one at The Ark in Ann Arbor). Not so far ahead, in February, I’ll be playing two shows at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. One is a CD Release Show for the new album, Dora, (oh I’m so looking forward to sharing this new music with you, truly, you don’t EVEN know), and the other is a show celebrating the album release anniversaries (10 and 12 years!) of Black Notebook and Give In, so bring all your old school requests! This is seriously old school. ;) (Seriously.) Other shows are upcoming in NYC, NJ, and Maine.

Please NOTE: The Seattle show on February 8th has been rescheduled for Friday, February 21st. All tour dates are here: http://www.anneheaton.com/tour.

I wanted to write that bit about dreaming big and the follow up steps because well, I’ll admit it, I’m often one of those people who has an idea (or a few at once) and then five minutes later, I’ll say to myself, “Anne, you thought of this five minutes ago, if you didn’t already make it happen BY NOW, obviously you never will.” It’s kind of a mean mentality. But when I can witness it with a little space, it’s actually pretty funny. This is why I like to say that I prefer when the Universe keeps me on ANTKBO (A Need To Know Basis Only) in terms of next steps. That’s a weird looking acronym but I think I could still get into it. ;) May you have a great 2014 and a beautiful day!

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