Friday Morning Coffee

A few years ago when I lived in Somerville, MA, I used to host a “Friday Morning Coffee” at my apartment. At the time, I had quite a few friends without “regular work hours” – enough to get a good crowd. I loved having that weekly social hour to look forward to. I also used to have a standing phone date with a friend of mine every Monday morning – we would chat intensely and leisurely – “café con leche” in hand – having deep conversations about the world and what was going on with us. I loved these coffee times of connection. Now that I’m in Chicago and the new mom of two little girls, this is not a staple of my week, but it makes playing shows that much more special. Coming back to playing music this week felt so good. The words felt like they were coming straight out of my heart (maybe because I hadn’t been singing them every night). It’s also so fun to get a chance to chat with folks (like you) about what’s going on with them and in the world.

So thank you for the connection :) It reminds me that this is why I started singing and writing in the first place… to feel that.

Love, Anne

3 thoughts on “Friday Morning Coffee

  1. Anne! Where have you been all my life! You are truly amazing! Your music is truly inspiring. I have had watching you win on a loop since I first heard it last weekend. I NEED to learn how to play it! Where can I find your sheet music? Keep up the great work!

    - Jon from Boston

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