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Recording Week Application

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More about the Program….

I recently hosted a professional recording week in Boston, MA for a select group of songwriters from all over the United States. The songs and recordings these young writers created FAR exceeded my expectations, so much so, that I was convinced to host another recording week.

Here is a movie of what we did together in August!!

I was so inspired by these young artists – It was a creative privilege to help them create and record their songs!

Our next recording week will take place next summer and it is for songwriters who want to take their music to the next level. Whether you are an aspiring artist or anyone with any dream, I hope the recording week video will be a gift of inspiration to you.

Anne Heaton’s Online Songwriting Circle & Professional Recording Week
Dates TBA

Create Professional Recordings of Your Songs in a Few Short Days
Your Best Songs + Amazing Musicians =Bringing Your Unique Artistic Sound to Life!

Recording Week is a unique opportunity for young songwriters to work with a small, select group of other writers and record their own songs professionally.

Our recording week will take place over the course of 5-6 days where each participant will make 2 high-quality recordings of his or her songs in a beautiful studio with incredible musicians.

A little more about the program….This program is for young singer-songwriters who write songs and play an instrument. It is for songwriters who want to share their music with the world and really hone in on “who they are” as artists. Participation is by invite only. If you:

-Want to record your songs professionally with a full-band but you don’t necessarily know how to find the best musicians or studios

-Would like to have your songs produced at a level you could sell on iTunes or include on a full-length CD (or EP) but feel it may be too cost prohibitive to make a high-quality album on your own


- Are searching for your unique “signature sound” as an artist but don’t know exactly how to create it, then this could be an awesome opportunity for you!

Recording Week was born from several conversations I had last year with a few of my singer-songwriting students from Interlochen. Many of them wanted to make recordings and begin to share their body of work (and were ready to) but felt it was too daunting to do it alone.

We came up with the idea of going into the studio together so not only would they (the songwriters) benefit from being able to collaborate/play and sing together (if they chose to) with each other (think added harmonies, musical ideas, etc.!), it also would cost everyone only a fraction of what it could cost if each person went into the studio on his or her own because the participants would share the musicians, production and studio costs.

As part of the project, I am hosting a 6-week online songwriting circle in advance exclusively for the recording group. We are “meeting up” in Google Hangouts so that everyone can share their tunes and get them in the absolute best shape possible for recording! (And also start to plan their genre, dream a little about what they want their songs to sound like fully-produced!).

Again, this project isn’t for brand new songwriters or writers who don’t play an instrument. It IS for songwriters who think they’d enjoy playing with professional musicians, are relatively proficient on their instrument, comfortable singing their own songs and open to the possibility of editing them to make them the best they can be. If this is you and you are interested in having a body of recorded music to share with the world, you are welcome to apply! :)

If you are interested, please fill out the application: Winter Recording Week Application

And send an mp3 of video clip of an original song to winterrecordingweek AT

Here’s us during the first Recording Week August 7th-11th:

XO, Anne